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We teach every topic in 30 pictures or less. Focused and fun education. Get access to 150+ topics, free, forever.


Designed for visual learners

High impact, small doses.

Endless content

The only limit is your curiosity.

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All you need is a mobile device.

Ignite your curiosity

11 courses to explore.

Learning for the 21st century

Everything you need to unleash your potential.

Simple visual education proven to deliver better retention.

We provide picture-based material to explain concepts in a simplified way. Our strong focus on visual learning promotes a creative and efficient approach to education that is accessible to all.⁣

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We make learning more accessible and inclusive.

Our mission is to provide a free online visual education platform, where people can effectively learn new concepts in 30 pictures or less.


biology, botany, chemistry, geology, health and physical ed, histology, mathematics, parisitology, pharmacology, physics, physiology

Phew, you made it. That’s a lot of words.
Learning doesn’t have to be boring.
150+ topics taught in 30 pictures or less.

The future is bright for those that seek knowledge.

Learn quickly, anytime, anywhere. 
Explore your curiosity.

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For students

Everyone is unique. So why are we all forced to learn in the same way? For visual learners, LIT is your secret weapon, teaching you the foundations of topics in 30 images or less - all in less time than a bus ride.

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For teachers

Our platform can be used as a teaching tool, to design classroom activities and allow your students to engage in learning flexibly.

We also welcome educators to contribute content.

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For parents

Help your child become better equipped for the future with highly effective visual education that aligns with the K-12 curriculum. Nurture their curiosity and make learning fun.

For everybody else

You deserve to learn on your own terms. Access a whole universe of visual exploration, absolutely free.

Learning is our way to a brighter future.

Are you ready to experience effective visual learning?

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