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We teach every topic in 30 pictures or less. Focused and fun education. Get access to 150+ topics, free, forever.

Take control of your education

Quick, easy and digestable visual education, absolutely free.

Learning opens up opportunities and leads to a brighter future for you and the world. We want you to love learning again. 

From the fundamentals of physics to in-depth breakdowns of how to smoke the perfect BBQ meats – we’re transforming often dense topics into highly engaging visual content. 

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Why Learn in Thirty?

Visual learning

High impact, small doses.

Simple education

Easily digestible content.

Creative material

Drawings, patterns and colours to visualise concepts - no matter how complex.

Ignite your curiosity

11 courses to explore with many more on the way.

The future is bright for those that seek knowledge.

Learn quickly, anytime, anywhere. 
Explore your curiosity.

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A visual feast of learning, consume a lesson in less than 5 minutes.

Explore over 150 topics with over 200 more on the way.

Jump straight into the universe of visual content and learn.

Knowledge should be practical. We're expanding our library to include topics as broad as mechanics and cooking.

Email us and suggest a topic.

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A brighter future starts with education for all.

Our mission is to provide a free online visual education platform, where people can effectively learn new concepts in 30 pictures or less.

Are you ready to experience effective visual learning?

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