Delivering accessible education

Learn In Thirty is a free online visual education platform where you can effectively learn new concepts in 30 pictures or less.

Building a brighter future by expanding minds

We believe education needs to change.

Learn In Thirty started as a simple idea that learning content could be easily produced and distributed at a low cost, and in a visual format that improves learning outcomes and retention.

It has now becoming a platform and a movement to democratise education and spread knowledge across the world.

We have the not-so humble goal of eradicating bored students and expanding brilliant minds.

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Visual learning provides a science-backed way for learners to grasp and retain concepts.

We offer engaging content that sticks. High impact, small doses of learning. LIT is learning in bite-sized pieces. All you need is a mobile phone and 5 minutes to learn something interesting and new.

Huge library of content, with a content pipeline that will expand to 300+ topics by the end of 2023.

Our content library is expansive, and covers most aspects of the current school curriculum. We have plans to expand this library out to encompass a broad array of topic areas, with the goal of reaching more learners.

We plan on integrating social tools into our platform and fostering a community of curious minds.

With community mechanics we can foster an open dialogue between users, and also offer social tools and forums to institutions.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

- Albert Einstein

We challenge our educators to simplify topics, no matter how complex, into material that can be introduced to users of all ages.

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How we do it

Creating straightforward educational content.

We collaborate internationally with scholars to develop content that can be used by students, teachers, tutors, parents and everybody that wants to learn.

Visual learning is an effective way to teach – this approach to education is backed by research. Learning through images was established before the invention of many languages.

Get LIT and challenge yourself to learn a new topic each day!

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