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Engage students through visual education, absolutely free.

Our platform can be used as a teaching tool, to design classroom activities and allow your students to engage in learning flexibly.

We also welcome educators to contribute content.

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Why Learn in Thirty?

Visual learning

Better engagement and retention.

Simple education

Teach efficiently.

Another resource in your toolkit

Growing creative content library.

Use in the classroom

Aligned with the K-12 curriculum.

Be part of the movement to change education.

We are seeking to change the perception of education and prepare bright minds for the future.

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Frequently asked questions

30 pictures provides enough material to create a visual story. Scrolling through 30 slides of learning content takes less than 5 minutes.

Our content can be used by teachers to prepare them for a class and can also be used within the classroom. Teachers will get a summary of our featured topics that have been designed to align with school curricula.

LIT teaches students topics in a simple way. Our educational pictures can explore a concept in only a few minutes. Perfect for test and exam revision, additional study aid or an introduction to a new topic.

Parents can use our content to stay up to date with material being taught in schools. This can assist with homework and other applications of at-home education.

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